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MAKEFOOD made a wonderful appearance at the Qingdao Maritime Expo to discuss industry innovation and sustainable develop


MAKEFOOD made a wonderful appearance at the Qingdao

Makefood participated in the Qingdao seafood Expo from October 25th to 27th and warmly welcomed new and old customers during the exhibition. This experience has provided valuable business opportunities for our company and further consolidated our position in the fishing industry.

At the Fishery Expo, we showcased the company's latest product line, especially the tilapia series, which attracted the attention of many visitors and industry professionals. Our booth has become a hot spot focused on innovation and high-quality aquatic products, attracting representatives from all walks of life to come and learn about our products.

The tilapia series has become the focus of this fishing expo, attracting visitors and professionals from all over the world. This series of products stands out for their delicious taste, unique flavor, and high-quality protein, winning high praise from the industry. We are proud of our innovative farming technology and strict management to ensure that every tilapia meets the highest quality standards, meeting the taste and nutritional needs of modern consumers.

At the same time, we also had in-depth communication with numerous potential customers and partners. Through communication with them, we have gained valuable information about market demand, trends, and potential cooperation opportunities. This interaction not only strengthened our market insight, but also provided strong support for future business planning.

In addition to showcasing our products, we have specially planned a series of entertainment activities to provide customers with a place to relax and communicate. These activities not only promote the establishment of business relationships, but also enhance customers' impression of our company. Customers appreciate our commitment to sustainable aquaculture and recognize our leadership position in the industry

During the reception, we not only shared the company's history and development, but also demonstrated our unremitting efforts in quality management and sustainable operation. The customer has expressed recognition for our comprehensive strength in production, operation, and environmental protection, and has shown strong interest in future cooperation with us.

Thank you to every team member for their hard work and outstanding performance in the Fishery Expo and hospitality activities. This is the result of our team's joint efforts and the best proof of our professionalism and teamwork

.Looking ahead, we will continue to uphold the concept of innovation and excellence, committed to improving product quality, expanding market share, and establishing closer cooperative relationships with customers. This Fishery Expo has opened a new chapter of development for us, and we look forward to achieving even more brilliant achievements on our future path.