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MAKEFOOD is a rapidly developing frozen seafood trading company dedicated to making high-quality seafood accessible to everyone. We have more than 10 yearsexperience in supplying frozen seafood to the wholesalers, distributers, manufacturersand retail clients such as leading hotels, restaurants and caterers around the world. Withthe annual sales of 30,000.00 tons and revenue more than 50 million dollars, we arepoised for significant growth in seafood area with a vast product portfolio.We have exported our products to more than 50 countries in North America, SouthAmerica, Africa and Europe. Having achieved the BRC, MSC, ASC certifications, thecompany has a comprehensive quality assurance system with a high food safetystandard.

Our team members are committed to providing a timely and satisfying service for ourcustomers. Customers can always rely on our professional services. After years of profes-sional development, we have achieved a reliable reputation in theindustry. We areconfident that we can also provide you with premium products and the best service.We hope to have the opportunity to work along with you!

MAKEFOOD specializes in the import and export of frozen seafood and is committed to providing high-quality products and services to the customers all round the world,We are customer-centered, motived by innovation, and value the quality as our life. our core values are original aspiration, unity, challenge, innovation, excellence, and efficiency.
  • Aspiration

    Our consistent original aspiration-we have always been customer-centered and never forgotten our original intention. All our efforts are based on customers' demands and satisfaction, providing high-quality services and products to customers, operating with integrity, and establishing trusted and mutual beneficial long-term cooperative relationships with the customers.

  • Unity

    Unity that we have always emphasized-We also pay much more attention to the unity and cooperation within the company,we view the company as a completed team and embrace the challenges and opportunities accompanied with the company's development. We emphasize the importance of teamwork and encourage employees to support, trust, and understand each other in their works, striving to build a positive work environment.

  • Challenge

    The challenges that we are pursuing-We believe that challenges are the motivations of the company’s development, and we must constantly pursue to reach higher goals and better performance by searching the self-challenge and breakthroughs,trying new business models and strategies, and actively facing market changes and competitive pressures.

  • Innovation

    The innovation that we have been relying on-We have always been reviewing the innovation as the most important drive of the compamy’s developments in the face of the market environment full of uncertainties,We have been constantly exploring the new products and business models, provide the customers with high-quality,more cost-effective products and meticulous services.

  • Excellence

    Excellence--our permanent goal:-We desire and pursue excellence,we have higher standards for product quality and service and are always adhere to the ideal of quality oriented, pursue excellence, always trying to make the breakthroughs and create miracles, continuously improve the levels of our products and service, and are committed to providing the highest quality products to meet customer demands and expectations.

  • Efficiency

    High efficiency of the work--the most import factor in our company’s culture-We emphasize the importance of efficient work and are always committed to the practice and promotion of efficient works. Reasonable time arrangements, efficient management processes, and excellent work procedure are the foundations of the company to invest for the economic and social benefits


Beijing Office

In 2009, Makefood International Trade Co., Ltd. Was Officially Established In Beijing.

Address:11E, building A, lnternational Metro Centre, No.3 jia, Shilipu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Qingdao Office

In 2017, The Qingdao Office Was Established To Provide Clients With Enjoyable Shopping Experience Via The Smooth Business Process.

Address:Room 4810, Room 4811, China Resources Building, Block A, No.6 Shandong Road, Qingdao, China

Zhangzhou Office

In 2018, the Zhangzhou office was founded to ensure the food safety through strict quality control.

Address:Room 1108, Unit 4,Scholarly Family (Painting Garden), Nanchang East Road, Longwen District,Zhangzhou City,Fujian Province,China

Dalian Office

In 2020, the Dalian office was established to expand the distribution and procurement channel. With the higher QC standard, the customers can rest assured in buying the products we provided.

Address:Room 1603, Yifang lnternational Apartment, 29 Anle Street, Renmin Road Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China