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Makefood On Sustainability

Maintaining a sustainable supply chain for us is paramount to the continued success of our business and the industry as a whole.

As one of the seafood traders in the world, we have a vested interest in the long-term health of our Oceans. A significant amount of seafood is wild-caught which can lead to overfishing, unwanted by-catch, and destructive catch methods. By our actions, we need to ensure that we protect the marine habitat as well as those communities that are dependant upon harvesting its resources, for future generations to come.

Our commitment to seafood sustainability is a long-term one as we recognize there are no quick fixes. We support those fisheries that have responsible, sustainable fishing practices at the heart of everything they do.

We take the view that we need to work within the industry to guide and influence, to nudge our customers and suppliers towards more sustainable methods of capture and production.

We support the work of a number of non-governmental organizations such as the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and Alaska RFM (Responsible Fisheries Management) who set high industry standards to ensure minimal environmental impacts on our Global Fisheries.

Our principles dictate that we:

Seek third-party independent accreditation wherever possible and give preference to suppliers that are accredited.

We demand to know the source and origin of the products we sell and endeavor to shorten the supply chain wherever possible.

We never knowingly sell products that damage the environment or risk the survival of a species without a plan to rectify the product's sustainability credentials.

We nudge our customers and suppliers to make more sustainable choices.

We have a successful launch of our new compostable packaging for our frozen seafood products in 2020. A desire to make an impact and create a movement has led to Makefood evolvement into the usage of compostable packaging. By doing this we hope to make the consumer, think consciously about the impact non-reusable plastic packaging has on the environment; and together we can raise awareness of its excessive production. Our aim being, not only to keep urban locations clean but more importantly, our seas, where our products originate. In turn, reducing the negative factors associated with the seafood industry.

At Makefood we have taken the first step, and together, we have the potential to create a better and cleaner future. Fostering sustainability through innovation.

We do not believe that this process will ever stop.  Nothing will ever be completely sustainable. We see this as a journey rather than a destination.