Pre-fried Squid

Pre-fried Squid Europe, North Ameica, Asia etc.

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    Select fresh squid cut into rings and pre-fry with a golden, crispy exterior. Deep sea wildlife is a gift from nature. Squid is rich in taurine, which can inhibit the blood cholesterol level, relieve fatigue, restore vision, improve liver function. Because its meat quality is fat, the taste is fresh and tender, the protein is high, it is popular all over the world.


    Pre-fried squid ring’s golden color is attractive, coated in bread crumbs fried, taste fresh and tender lingering fragrance. Convenient cooking, fresh eating non-stop, strict quality control, good ingredients and good taste. Focus on food production, advanced production technology and strong technical force. The source is traceable, process of production is visible. Scientific ratio more assured the food. Choose high quality breadcrumbs, sunshine wheat as raw material, baking and crushing at high temperature, the particles clearly achieve crisp taste. No need to defrost. Put the squid rings in the coated non-stick pan until the oil is heated to 50%. Fry them slowly over medium heat until golden yellow. Stir them carefully with chopsticks to avoid sticking to each other. Drain the oil until the surface of the rings turns golden yellow. Finally, sprinkle with chopped coriander and garnish. If baking, brush with oil and place in a roasting pan at 200℃ for 10 minutes. During 5 minutes, turn to another side, finally out of the pan. Squeeze your favorite sauce. The squid ring with fat, tough and chewy, can be cooked until crisp and golden. The outside is crisp, inside is tender, the lips and teeth remain fragrant, the aftertaste is endless and the taste buds are greatly satisfied. The frying pan and the air fryer are all done, it's so easy for good taste. Tender meat, delicious taste, reward the heart of the food. A warm meal, the elderly and children love most. It is plate for leisure and entertainment.

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