Pre-fried Scallop

pre-fried Scallop is very popular item in the US market, the raw materials are  Scallop meat ,the main form for this item is pre-fried Scallop.

  • Origin: China
  • Glazing and Package: As client's requirement
  • Presentation: pre-fried Scallop
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    Select deep-sea Scallop, the big fresh meat is plump and it is a gift from the pure sea. Processing directly after wild deep-sea fishing, healthy and pollution-free. Using live scallop to process, retain the freshest taste. Scallop is a nutrient-rich food containing human fat, carbohydrate compounds, vitamin B3, phosphorus and other various elements. From the perspective of physical and mental health, eating scallop has many benefits to health, but also because of that, more and more people like to eat scallop in life.


    Scallop contained 11.1g of protein, 0.6g of fat, 2.6g of carbohydrate, 140mg of cholesterol, 0.1mg of vitamin B2, 0.2mg of vitamin B3, 11.85mg of vitamin E, 142mg of calcium, 132mg of phosphorus, 122mg of potassium, 339mg of sodium, 39mg of magnesium, 7.2mg of iron, 11.69mg of zinc, 20.22mg of selenium, 0.48mg of copper and 0.7mg of manganese per 100g of Scallop. Furthermore, Scallop contains protein, Omega-3 oleic acid, B vitamins, magnesium and potassium. It has low calorific value and no saturated fatty acids. Defrost naturally for 15 minutes, then fry in cooking oil at about 150℃ for 3-4 minutes until totally cooked. The number of frying products increased, the corresponding extension of frying time. If you would like pan fry, after defrosting naturally, fry at a low temperature for 3-5 minutes. It tastes delicious, scallop meat with grains releases fragrant crisp. It is easy to cook and golden in color. The scallop is full and sufficient to satisfy your taste buds. The deep-fried coating is golden and crispy, and the scallops are mellow and delicious. Cooking is convenient and fast, and you can enjoy delicious food quickly. Delicious food make people feel happy, good to share enjoys more delights. It tastes delicious, appearance level in good-looking, nutrition delicious sends out silk fresh fragrance. Fresh materials, carefully selected, better quality. Coated with golden brown breadcrumbs for extra crispness. The ingredients are crispy enough to impress children and adults.

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