Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon is a wild caught marine fish, catch area FAO61/67, it is popular in Europe, North Ameica, South America, Aisa etc.

  • Latin name: Oncorhynchus gorbuscha FAO 61 / 67
  • Origin: Produced in China
  • Glazing and Package: As client's requirement
  • Presentation: Fillet, Portion, Steak
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    Item Description Pack Size
    Pink Salmon Fillet Chemical free / Treated | Skin on / Skinless | Color P2+ / P3+ IQF | IWP / IVP 200-500g
    Pink Salmon Portion Chemical free / Treated | Skin on / Skinless | Color P2+ / P3+ IQF | IWP / IVP 125g+/-20g | 120-140g | 140-160g | 160-180g
    Pink Salmon Steak Chemical free / Treated | Skin on / Skinless | Color P2+ / P3+ IQF | IWP / IVP 100-200g


    Pink Salmon is commonly called humpback salmon and humpy,is found on both sides of the North Pacific, from Puget Sound to Alaska and from Russia to North Korea, including the Bering is the smallest and most plentiful of the wild salmon, accounting for the lion’s share of the canned pack.the main forms of the Chum Salmon are fillet ,portion and steak. A generally lean and mild-flavored fish, pink salmon has meat that is low in oil and small-flaked. As the name implies, this salmon’s flesh is truly pink. The color is paler than the meat of the other salmon species and lacks the orange tint. It also has softer meat than most salmon.Pink salmon eggs are the second most valuable (behind those of chums) for salmon caviar.With their low fat content, pinks don’t grill as well as other salmon. Whatever cooking method you choose, it’s important not to let the lean meat dry out. Cook with moist heat or baste frequently while cooking. Pinks also work well in chowders, sandwiches, pasta preparations, casseroles and salads.Pink salmon is the smallest wild Pacific salmon and its flesh is pale pink. This salmon is mild-flavored, softer than most salmon, has a small flake and contains a relatively low amount of oil. Look for pink salmon with firm meat that has minimal scale loss and no vertical bars of watermarks that indicate the fish has neared fresh water. Pink salmon is graded 2-4, 4-6, 6-9, and 9 up. 


    Pink salmon is mostly sold frozen or canned and is increasingly sold in value-added products like salmon burgers and marinated steaks. A very small quantity is sold fresh, headed and gutted from July through August as is high quality whole pink salmon caught by trollers and frozen at sea. Processors who do both freezing and canning tend to only freeze the highest quality pink salmon so some buyers suggest purchasing from them. Buyers suggest learning about specific salmon species’ runs in order to find the best quality salmon since there are natural variations among them.

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