Domestic Sales Department Set Up

After 4 months' preparation, MAKEFOOD' s domestic sales department was officially established on August 18, 2020. All the staff of the company gathered and celebrated in Dalian. In the six months after its opening, the business of the domestic sales department has grown very rapidly. Relying on the business strategic layout in the era of mobile Internet and customer big data, it has become a comprehensive community service operator in China's leading community service platform.

The company plans to build a one-stop service platform for integrated aquatic products that combines online and offline to provide consumers with faster services and better products. Among them, the single item -- black tiger shrimp has reached 39 million RMB in only half a year, but this is just a prelude to MAKEFOOD, and there will be a better chapter in the future.


Post time: Nov-21-2020

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