Frozen Red Pacu Whole Round

  • Latin name: Colossoma Brachypomum
  • Catching Method: Fresh water farm raised
  • Harvest Season: July-October
  • Size: 300g-500g,500g-800g,800g up
  • Delivery time: In one month after deposit.
  • Payment Terms: TT 20% deposit, 80% against the copy of origin documents L/C at sight
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    China IQF 1*20’ FCL Bulk packing, IWP South of China Africa market


    The red pacu, also known as the red pomfret, is similar to the pomfret in appearance, but its adult has black dorsal fins and abdominal fins shining with orange metal luster,red pacu contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. It also contains rich unsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce cholesterol. It is a good fish food for people with high blood fat and cholesterol,red pacu is a tropical fish, with an appropriate temperature range of 12~35 ℃ and an optimal growth water temperature of 24~32 ℃. If the water temperature is lower than 12 ℃ for two days, it is in danger of freezing to death. The fish has a strong tolerance to hypoxia. It can still survive when the dissolved oxygen is 0.5 mg/L. It is suitable to be cultured in a fatter fish pond, and can also be cultured in brackish water with salinity less than 10 ‰.

    Red Pacu Whole Round1
    Red Pacu Whole Round2

    Red pacu is very popular in the Africa market.we have been working on this item for many years and annual sales volume is more than 100 containers,we have our own inspectors for each of our shipments and the pre-shipment inspection report will be issued accordingly,if the clients are not satisfied with the inspection results,the shipment can be stopped at once,in the meantime,we are also open to any 3rd party organization for the PSI,we totally understand the importance of the quality of the clients,so the quality has always been our top priority,all the client can been assured for this part and the most cost-effective products are always pursued by us,quality and cost are not only things the clients care a lot,but also us.

    Red Pacu Whole Round3
    Red Pacu Whole Round4

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