Frozen Catfish Whole Round

  • Latin name: Clarias fuscus
  • Catching Method: Fresh water farm raised
  • Harvest Season: All time
  • Size: 300-500g, 500-1000g, 1000-2000g, 2000g up
  • Delivery time: In one month after deposit.
  • Payment Terms: TT 20% deposit, 80% against the copy of origin documents
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    China IQF/Blockfrozen 1*40’ FCL Bulk, Carton Packing China Africa

    Catfish are farm-raised fish, mainly originating in China and Vietnam. We supply Catfish steak of China origin.

    The main markets for Catfish Whole Round is Africa, this item is always in hot-sales at the the Africa markets, we are also looking forward to service more clients with the one of our most advantaged products.

    Catfish WR
    Frozen Catfish WR

    Catfish(Hong Kong Catfish) is a bearded family and a bearded belonging to a tropical and subtropical small base fish. The body is extended, the head is flat, the back is flat; Kiss width and short. The front nostril is a short tube, and the posterior nostril is crack. The upper jaw is prominent. There are four pairs, the nose must be one pair with each other, which is short; one pair of upper and lower jaw must be one pair, which is longer. The body is naked and has no scales, the skin is smooth, and the mucus is smooth; Minister of the dorsal fins; the anal fins are the same as the dorsal fins and are not connected to the caudal fin; the pectoral fin is small, but it has 1 thick hard spine, and its inner edge is jagged. The body is yellowish or gray-black, and the abdomen is gray-white; sometimes there are 10 sides of the body with 5-6 small white dots.

    The beard is a tropical and subtropical small bottom fish. It is often inhabited in the caves or dark parts of rivers, ponds, ditches, grooves, swamps and paddy fields. Sexual groups, dozens of tails or more. There is an auxiliary respiratory organ in an gill cavity. Therefore, the adaptability is very strong, and the survival time is long after leaving the water.

    Aquatic insects and larvae, shrimp, widow, small software animals and small fish. Distributed in China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Laos, Vietnam.

    Catfish Whole Round
    Frozen Catfish Whole Round

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