Atlantic COD

Atlantic COD  is the wild-harvested fish,the harvested area is FAO 27,now most of the Atlantic COD are produced in China,you can find our supply chain in E.U and Northern American  market for the A-COD.

  • Latin name: Gadus morhua FAO 27
  • Origin: Produced in China
  • Glazing and Package: As client's requirement
  • Presentation: Fillet, Loin, Portion, Tail fillet, Light salted Atlantic COD fillet, Bits and Pieces, Dried salted Atlantic COD fillet
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Item Description Pack Size
    Atlantic COD Fillet Chemical free / Treated | Skin on / Skinless IQF | IWP 8-16 oz | 16-32 oz | 32 oz up
    Atlantic COD Portion Chemical free / Treated IQF | IWP / IVP As request
    Atlantic COD Loin Chemical free / Treated IQF | IWP / IVP As request
    Atlantic COD Tail Fillet Chemical free / Treated IQF | IWP As request
    Light Salted Atlantic COD Fillet Chemical free | Skin on | Salt 2% PBI IQF 500-1000g | 1000g up
    Atlantic COD Bits and Pieces Chemical free / Treated BQF As request
    Dried Salted Atlantic COD Fillet/ Migas Salt 20-22% | Moisture 48-50% | Moisture 50-52% None


    Atlantic COD is found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. In the Northwest Atlantic, A-COD range from Greenland to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina,the harvesting area of the Atlantic COD is FAO27,The main forms of the A-COD are fillet,loin,portion,loinless fillet as well as bits and pieces,A-COD fillets are also used in the light salted products.Adult cod live near the ocean floor along rocky slopes and ledges. They prefer to live in cold water at depths of around 30 to 500 feet on bottoms with coarse sediments, rather than on finer mud and silt.Atlantic cod can live over 20 years and grow up to 51 inches and 77 pounds. They are capable of reproducing at 2 to 3 years old, when they are between 12 and 16 inches long.


    Atlantic cod fillets have a silvery, subcutaneous layer that distinguishes them from Pacific cod. The lean meat has a mild, clean flavor and large, tender flakes. It’s less firm than haddock and sweeter than Pacific cod. Raw Atlantic cod is translucent, ranging from white to pinkish. Cooked, it’s an opaque white.Raw Pacific cod is opaque, creamy white. Cooked meat is white, tender-firm, lean and flaky, with a mild taste. The moisture content is a little higher than that of Atlantic cod, making it less firm.

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