Arrow Tooth Flounder

Arrow Tooth Flounder is a wild caught marine fish, it is popular in Europe, North Ameica etc.

  • Latin name: Atheresthes stomias
  • Origin: Produced in China
  • Glazing and Package: As client's requirement
  • Presentation: Fillet, Portion
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    Arrow Tooth Flounder Fillet Chemical free / Treated | PBI / PBO | Skin on / Skinless IQF | IWP / IVP 200-400g | 400-600g | 600-800g
    Arrow Tooth Flounder Portion Chemical free / Treated | PBI / PBO | Skin on / Skinless IQF | IWP / IVP As request


    The Arrowtooth flounder is a fish in the family Pleuronectidae. It can be caught from the .Bering Sea to Santa Rosa Island, California. the harvesting area are FAO18,FAO61,FAO67 and FAO77.


    Arrowtooth flounder are a relatively large, brownish colored flatfish with a large mouth. Arrowtooth flounder grow slowly andcan live up to 27 years. Arrow-Tooth Flounders can grow up to a decent size. The maximum size of a male Arrow- Tooth Flounder can grow up to 2 feet. Whereas, the female Arrow-Tooth Flounder can grow up to 3 feet. Female Arrow Tooth Flounders apparently grow larger than males but they are only sexually mature by 4 years old. Their maximum length appearsto be 34 inches with a maximum weight of 17 lbs.They' re members of the family Pleuronectidae, the right-eyed flounders,which have both eyes on the right side and lie on the ocean floor on their left side.If not properly handled, the flesh of anarrowtooth flounder can soften, due to a proteolytic enzyme which is emitted from a myxosporean parasite that softens theflesh when heated, lowering value and marketability. To make it more marketable, arrowtooth is usually sold on the WestCoast as turbot, although it is not related to the true turbot. Additives have been created to combat the softening of flesh, creating economic feasibility for the catching of the flounder.A variety of fish and marine mammals prey on arrowtooth floun-der, including skates, sharks, shortspine thornyhead, halibut, orcas, other toothed whales, and harbor seals.The cooked meat ofArrowtooth Flounder is very soft, pure white, lean, boneless and flaky with a mild flavor,Use wine, sauce, other liquids or moistvegetables to keep thin flatfish fillets from drying out. Avoid sauces and herbs that overpower their delicate taste. Thicker fillets .are great for broiling, served with lightly herbed butter. The firm and meaty flesh of larger species like fluke or dab is good forrolling or stuffing. Small H&G sole like rex or gray can be grilled, baked or stuffed, but not flleted, because fillets wouldbe too small.


    The main form of the Arrowtooth Flounder is fillet,most of the clients for this item are from North America and EU markets.

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